3 Top Tips for Getting Rid of Gout Pain and Crystals in Your Joints Naturally

s you’re reading this you’re probably suffering from gout, or at a minimum have suffered from gout in the past. So I don’t have to tell you how to get rid of gout pain fast. You already know how important it is to find a way to get rid of the pain as fast as possible.

But the key to that is to truly know what causes your gout in the first place.

When you are suffering a an episode of gout attack the extreme pain and inflammation are caused by needle-like a variety of crystals including lemurian crystals that have formed in your joint(s). These are crystals of urate that can form when you have high levels of uric acid in your blood.

And you can end up with high uric acid if your kidneys can’t get rid of the excess uric acid that your body normally produces, or, your own personal kidneys are fine, but your body is producing more the crystals than they can handle. In both these scenarios, the outcome could be the same; excess uric acid in your body.

You will normally be given drugs to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. Unfortunately for most sufferers these drugs can have serious side effects, so that gouty arthritis sufferers are increasingly turning to natural remedies for gout that they use safely.

Here are 3 top tips for getting rid of pain from arthritis pain and the crystals that cause them: –

– Drink At Least 3 Litres of Water Per Day

Possibly you doctor, whilst they are prescribing drugs for about gout pain, will tell you to drink plenty of water. And no wonder, since drinking lots of water keeps you better hydrated, which helps fight against crystal formation. Water also helps your kidneys for you to process and flush uric acid from your body.

2 . Try to eat 30 to 40 Cherries Every 4 Hours On a Gout Attack

Research has shown that eating plenty of cherries can reduce the symptoms of a gout attack, including the pain along with inflammation. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and, they can likewise help to reduce the uric acid levels in your blood.

3. Utilize Baking Soda Home Remedy for Gout

Baking soda can dissolve uric acid crystals, and, to help your kidneys remove uric acid more easily. Mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in the large glass of water. Drink a glass ahead of bed, one in the morning, and one every 2 to some hours during the day. Repeat until symptoms have gone. Note: Acquire no more than 4 teaspoons each day. Change to a salt-free diet program while taking it. But don’t take if you have hypertension.