Cheap VPS – Your Cheap Dedicated Server

Anyone who wants to make a presence online has to make a website and acquire it hosted from a hosting company. One has three options to choose from, the former being Shared Hosting in which you do not have much features. The second solution is a Dedicated Server in which you have features like choices, increased security etc . But this option is very costly. There will come the third option called as VPS or a Virtual Private Server and that is very cheap as compared to a dedicated server and still offers all their features. So VPS is for people who want to make an online presence, desire to expand their business, have an increased traffic and can not pay for a Dedicated Server.

VPS means a Virtual Private Server. Below a physical server is distributed into number of computers via a virtual partition. Each virtually partitioned server has many operating system or an OS. The operating system can be Apache or Windows. Usually people buy a buy hosting because of ease of use.

Since each VPS is a separate entity it might be rebooted independently without affecting any other server. Because of this alleviate, Hosting Companies are taking advantage of it and selling it for you to customers at a very cheap price. Hence the term Cheap VPS. Not only the hosting companies, but the customers also get lots of positive aspects.

Advantages of Cheap VPS –

  • – The biggest advantage some sort of VPS offers is its low set up cost. When you set up a dedicated server for the same features then it would hit you up for almost three times the cost for setting up your VPS.
  • instant Here you can host a large number of websites on the same server that is not possible in case of Shared Hosting and is very costly in a Dedicated Hardware.
  • – You can have a better control over your server as compared with a Shared Hosting plan.
  • – You can customize your hardware as per your requirements. You can download and install as many applications and computer software whenever you need them.

Drawbacks of a Cheap VPS tutorial

There is only one drawback to this type of hosting. Here one has to experience a thorough knowledge of the platform he is choosing on his VPS. By simply platform we mean to say either Windows or a Cpanel. Usually people prefer windows because of its ease of use as compared to Unix. But Windows VPS is usually expensive than a Linux VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER because of the licensing cost involved in it.