Cufflinks Are Perfect Anniversary Gifts

The wedding is over. The top layer of the cake was boxed up and frozen, the catered food has all been thrown off, the vows have been spoken and the dance floor is silent with only a few scuff marks to show that it had ever been danced upon; today, the true experience of married life starts. After all, the wedding is just a test of sorts to see how committed you can stay to one event that will last only a couple of hours, feed 150 of your closest and not-so-close friends and family and still manage to cost about as far as a big down payment on a house. Even when you are a Billionaireworld and may afford to recreate your wedding every year on your anniversary date, nothing will ever live up to the moment when you walked down the aisle past friends and family for the very first time as husband and wife holding hands, beaming for the cameras and yet not having even one clue what life had in store for you both but surging ahead with smiles on your face anyway.

There are all kinds of lists concerning what to buy your significant other annually on specific anniversaries. As an example, the traditional gift for the 1st wedding anniversary is paper (and before you even think it, a roll of toilet paper wouldn’t be as funny a present as you’re imagining in your head, so don’t even consider going there, men). The modern gift for first birthdays, on the other hand, is a clock of some sort. Of course, all gift ideas are open for personal interpretation, such as when I strongly suggested to my husband on our first anniversary which airplane tickets to Spain could easily count as a newspaper gift. Sure, he did not take the bait, but it does not hurt to try. . .repeatedly, if needed.

If, like me, you have a husband that dresses up a bit for work or who needs the wearing of a suit or jacket quite frequently, then one simple and elegant gift to purchase for an anniversary is a set of cufflinks. Here are a few examples of cufflink sets to buy for all your first five calendars. You may thank me later for this cheat sheet gift list by sending me these tickets to Spain I am still longing for. . .six decades later.

First Wedding Anniversary – If you are going the modern path with clocks as the emblem, you could select any number of sets. If you love London, by way of example, some Big Ben clock cufflinks would be appropriate, or perhaps a set of cufflinks that sport a sundial. If you are opting to stay traditional, then stick with the paper theme by selecting cufflinks that game a stylus, scroll or book.

Second Wedding Anniversary – For your second anniversary, the modern gift is china. You can get really creative with this subject by selecting fortune cookie cufflinks, dragon cufflinks or perhaps abacus cufflinks. The traditional gift is cotton so you could be silly and find some sheep creature cufflinks or even a few cufflinks made from cotton fabric (that are going to be quite hard to locate ).

Or when he is into riding his chopper on the weekends, then a few Harley Davidson cufflinks may also fit the bill. The modern gift is crystal, so an effortless fit of a colored crystal would do the job flawlessly, especially if paired with a fitting dress shirt.

Fourth Wedding Anniversary – The traditional gift for fourth wedding anniversaries is some thing related to fruits or blossoms. While he might enjoy you enrolling him in the”Fruit of the Month” club or for those people watching our finances, a package of Fruit of the Looms, pick his favorite fruit and there’s guaranteed to be a pair of cufflinks which match. Ordinarily, I would not advise picking traditional or modern since that choice should be left entirely your decision, however in this circumstance, because the modern gift is an appliance of some sort, you may not want to put money into dishwasher cufflinks to your hubby. Unless, of course, he is a master fighter and you also find some amazing KitchenAid mixer cufflinks for him, in which case I say, do it.

Now, you can go the literal route and get him some fork cufflinks (particularly if he loves to eat), or simply go the simpler route and get him any type of sterling silver cufflinks which suit his personality. For traditional gifts, the theme is timber, so here it is possible to be a little more creative. Now, I will confess I hadn’t ever seen a set of wood cufflinks till I Googled them and lo and behold! They exist and they are incredibly magnificent appearing. You could easily put money into a pair of them or perhaps cufflinks that sport his favourite tree.

You can easily find the wedding anniversary gift themes online and there is guaranteed to be a stunning pair of cufflinks to match the event. Granted, there are times when you will have to be creative and might have to stretch only a bit about the translation of this theme, but the idea will still be supporting it. For instance, the modern 44th wedding anniversary is grocery, so other than shoving a set of cufflinks between the celery and ground meat onto a grocery trip you may need to be a bit imaginative there.