Effective way to get rid of cockroaches

Even though cockroaches are small creatures, they are capable of causing severe impacts in human life. They are capable spoiling the food and they can also spread diseases easily. Especially the people who have children at home should get rid of these cockroaches without any constraint. But getting rid of cockroaches is not an easy deal. Since there are different types of cockroaches dealing them will be quite difficult. The most effective methods are to be followed in order to come up with better results. The effective methods for getting rid of cockroaches are discussed here.

rid of cockroaches


Using borax is one of the best options to get rid of cockroaches. Using borax will destroy the digestive system of roaches. It is to be noted that borax is to be used along with sugar. This is because sugar is highly needed in order to trap the roaches. Three part of borax can be mixed with one part of sugar. This trap can be placed in the areas for roaches are pointed out more often. The roaches which tend to eat this mixture will die within short span of time. Thus, the dead roaches can be removed and the process can be repeated for few days in order to find a better result.


Lemon is one of the best ingredients which are used for several purposes in the kitchen. There is a great fact about lemon which is not widely known to many people. Lemon can help in repelling cockroaches to a greater extent. People who want to handle a natural remedy can make use of lemon juice and lemon peels. They can be used in the places where cockroaches are highly found. The anti-pathogenic property of lemon will help in keeping the roaches away.

Hire professional

There are many pest control services in the market which can be hired for getting rid of roaches easily without putting more effort. This is because the pest control professionals will take care of these factors. People who don’t want to stress themselves to drive away cockroaches can rely on these services without any constraint. Even though these professionals will charge for their service, they can help in finding a permanent solution for this problem. In order to get this job done in the most effective way, the best pest control service available in the market can be hired.