Healthy and Sweet Alternatives to Candy

Sweets is something kids love to eat. We try to look for several types, but we usually fail to buy the healthy ones. You can use healthy and sweet alternatives to candy which will will be the enjoyed by kids and all of us.

Why is candy bad?

Some of us are addicted to candies. Over the years, candies have been just about the most common and popular snacks. Candy is often high in sweets and fat content, which causes obesity to not only little ones but also adults. Nowadays, this problem is out of control. In Us, over 190 million people are obese or overweight along with child obesity has tripled and continues to increase over the last three decades. The medical expenses for obesity are frustrating and the burden is increasing every year. I have observed in which other consumers’ grocery lists include unhealthy candies which can make me sad knowing that it will eventually lower the life expectancy.

Many of us wonder why we feel hungry so quickly soon after finishing 2 packs of candy. The reason for this is how the candies usually contain empty calories with no nutritional value. The ingredients usually include food coloring, all kinds of sugars (maltose, dextrin, dextrose and fructose), acid, artificial flavors and synthetic ingredients. Candy is not bad when eaten in moderation, but if you act like you are addicted to it, your health is at risk.

What are the balanced and sweet alternatives?

Fruits are a healthy alternative and the most people and kids love fruits too. Generally, fruits get high vitamins and low fat content. There is a wide variety available depending on what you or your kids love. You can eat fruit again or you can fix a fruit salad as your snack.

Yet another alternative is fruit popsicles which will satisfy your fairly sweet tooth. They are scrumptious and sweet, yet healthy and also light. They are easy to make. Just take fruit juice and storage containers . it into an ice cube tray. Then stay still it for a few minutes, add a toothpick in the middle, and freeze them some more. Once frozen, take it and serve when needed. You may surely enjoy this quick healthy treat.

The next alternative is usually dried fruits. They might not have as much candy b vitamins as the fresh fruits but they have a substantial amount of fiber. You can choose from raisins, prunes, dried apricots, dried apples, dried mangoes, etc .

The past alternative that’s recommended for a healthy lifestyle is a selfmade energy bar. The ingredients include: peanuts, sunflower seed kernels, raisins, uncooked oatmeal, toasted rice cereal, peanut spread, small amount of brown sugar, a little bit of corn syrup and a teaspoon involving vanilla. Mix the peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, portion of oatmeal and rice cereal. Then on the other bowl, mix brown-sugar, peanut butter and corn syrup, and then microwave these people. Take them out form the microwave, add vanilla and then sprinkles on the dry the ingredients. Stir them until it is sprayed well. And then pour in the pan and set it on the table for any hour and you are done.