How to Run Your Car on the Road

There are a lot of products out there for soundproofing your car but there is precious little “How to” information out there regarding this subject. I am here to fill that void. When soundproofing any automobile, the first order of business would be to look after the motor sound coming from under the hood. Most individuals don’t realize that a lot of the noise they hear in the passenger compartment of their vehicle is actually being transmitted from the engine and the road through the shocks and tires. In essence, these sounds and vibrations are transmitted directly into the hood of the automobile which is a sheet of steel which simply transmits the sound through the hood I and into the windshield and finally into the passenger’s ears.

I know I know, you have some sort of fiberglass material connected to the bottom of the hood, isn’t that soundproofing. I am afraid not, essentially that’s a heat shield to stop the heat of the engine from damaging the paint onto the surface of the hood. It does work nicely for that, but it has absolutely no soundproofing skills at all.

What I suggest is that you remove that fiberglass hood mat clean the bottom of the hood thoroughly. You will then cut and glue in a piece of 1″ America Mat which is a dense vinyl nitrile closed cell foam mat. What you want to do is trace out the underside of the hood using a pencil and butcher paper for example and trace out the cut that you want paying attention to the edges and the contours. These electric knives are readily available at Wal Mart or K-Mart and cost about $9- $12. It is well worth the investment if you plan on soundproofing your entire vehicle. Basically, you would trace the pattern of the underside of the hood; you can actually cut the America mat to the same pattern as the protective mat that came with the car that way you know it will fit and look properly. Know more visit Atlanta title loans

Once you have the America mat cut to your liking and the underside of the hood is cleaned down to the paint, I would recommend cleaning the underside with a terry cloth rag and some alcohol. This will ensure good adhesion of the adhesive. You can also rough the underside with a fine grit sandpaper on an electric sander. Cover the engine with a towel or drop cloth to prevent adhesive of sand granules from getting into the motor. Now you will spray a good quality contact cement to the underside of the hood as well as to the smooth side of the America Mat. I like the 3M Super 77 spray contact cement. Keep the 2 pieces apart for as long as the instructions say and once the adhesive has tacked you will adhere the foam to the underside of the hood. You will want to use tape to hold the America mat to the underside of the hood until it dries enough to stick on its own. When the adhesive has dried you can close the hood and drive off. The America mat can withstand temperatures of 240 Deg F and will literally last for the life of the vehicle.

This system can also be used on trucks and motorhomes. We have many customers who have used the America mat to soundproof the “Doghouse” that covers the engine from the interior of their trainer.

Currently, there are also materials which may be used for the floorboards as well as door panels and the rear areas of station wagons or vans or the trunks of automobiles. We’ve also had individuals with classic automobiles use the America mat to soundproof their vehicles; it can make your Corvette sound a lot quieter with the best up. I hope this has helped you in your search for a quieter automobile. There’ll be many more articles on car soundproofing in subsequent articles, before then, this is Dr. Bob…Out!!!