How to Start a GBP Business

I’ve run or owned various distinct companies over the previous ten decades and something I know from my own painful experience is that IT Support can be the bane of every business owner’s lifetime. With hindsight the amount of money and time I have wasted on the latest “must have” business computer technologies is extraordinary. On second thoughts, not outstanding, but gloomy!

However, I’m glad to say it was not completely wasted. I have learnt a great deal of important lessons and it prompted me to start my own IT Support Company to deliver the IT Support Services that I wished to buy, but could not find. Naturally there were lots of IT Support Companies around; it is just that they never appeared to deliver the type of support I wanted to purchase!

IT Support Does Not Need To Be Painful

My experience has taught me that IT Support doesn’t need to be debilitating. And while you’ll always have to put money into your computer systems the cost can be included to more moderate levels.

Yes, amazing as it seems, you are able to. The secrets I’ve learnt over the years have been actually quite simple. Any business owner can use them and I’m pleased to share them with you now. If you observe these simple principles you’ve got a good likelihood of saving tens of thousands of pounds each year. Money that could go straight back into your own pocket or to the development of your small business. You select exactly what you do with all the savings.

Here’s How To Reduce Your IT Support Costs:

It’s possible to scale up the savings or down accordingly. Listed below are the top 6 most expensive mistakes Which You Can easily prevent:

IT Outsourcing is a well recognized principle, but I’m still surprised by how many little businesses insist on diverting some employees out of their principal role seeking to fix IT problems.

Assuming that the total cost of employing them (salary, NI, unavoidable overhead, etc.) is 30,000 and that they spend a conservative 15’% of the time on IT then the cost of the is 4,500 per annum.

Mistake # 2 – Paying for your IT Support from the hour – price 1,200. Don’t fall in the trap of paying for IT Support by the hour. The IT Support costs will soon mount up and if you’ve got a significant problem the IT Support bill costs could be enormous. An hourly paid IT Support company will have no incentive to reach the root issue and stop it recurring again.

Most IT Support Companies offer you a fixed cost unlimited IT Support agency today. In my experience on a computer network of the size that this will help save you 20 percent on top of your fixed price contract, but let us say 10% – a saving of 1,200.

Mistake # 3 – Paying extra for network security licences – cost 1,400. Be certain that the very important network security software is included in your own IT Support Contract. Nowadays you can receive your IT Support Company to pay for all your anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam within this all-you-can-eat fixed price IT Support package.

If you do not negotiate their addition you’ll want to purchase the network security licences every year. For a computer network of this size they would be 1,400 per annum. Therefore this will help save you 1,400 per annum.

Mistake # 4 – Don’t take the risk on one internet line – price 1,000. Most businesses are so determined by their broadband service that they can’t let it function as single point of collapse. I would counsel you to receive a second online connection. This sounds counter intuitive – it sounds like a cost increase for companies that only have 1 line.

These days no web often means no business. An extra business grade internet broadband connection with IT Support bundled in will cost you approximately 60 a month. We support about 200 broadband links for our customers and our experience says that you’ll have at least 2 times of outage every second year – an average of 1 day per year. How much does this outage cost you? Finally only you will know the lost earnings, additional overtime costs, or some other waste. If it offers you an extremely conservative 1,500 in lost business and/or additional overtime prices then taking the extra broadband prices into consideration it’ll save you roughly 1,000 per annum.