Memoirs of an Email Marketing Subscriber

If you met me a few years ago and asked “what do you do?” I would answer while raising my eyebrows proudly “I’m an email subscriber!” That is because when I started my internet marketing endeavor, I was subscribing to any email list in front of me, aiming to find a definitive answer on how to quit my day job and earn money fast.

Day after day and month after month, I became addicted to that habit. Whenever I felt tired or my mood was not good enough, I opened my browser to search for new email lists to subscribe to. The well-designed landing pages, the colored opt-in forms, and the attractive 3D covers of gift books were quite simply mouth-watering for me.

Many email marketers boast that they have lots of subscribers in their email lists, but on the contrary, I was boasting about being a loyal subscriber to lots of those email marketers. I was very loyal to them; I opened their newsletters eagerly, read them carefully, and clicked their links reliably. I even bought through their affiliate links confidently.

I bought many things: eBooks, courses, plug-ins and graphics. I bought how-to-get-floods-of-traffic-to-your-blog, but I ended up with neither floods nor drops of traffic. I bought courses on how-to-earn-from-affiliate-programs, but unfortunately I lost much more money than I earned. I bought how-to-get-tons-of-backlinks-to-your-blog and indeed I got lots of backlinks, but in return my blog was banned by search engines.

After a long period of time and as a result of the natural evolution of life, I became a professional subscriber and, among the huge amount of email lists I subscribed to, I could come up with a formula by which I could recognize which list was worthy and which ones were not. With the help of that formula, I planned on becoming a successful email marketer, instead of being a subscriber all my life.

How to success in email marketing according to my formula?

Never deceive

Any kind of deception is completely prohibited. If you offer, for example, a gift book to your subscribers, then the content of that book should be written accurately. Accurately means that the content should be original, unique, sufficient, and it has to cover all the points that you promised them before they subscribed to your list. Creating unique content doesn’t mean that you have to create a new language or come up with a new invention. It will not be a sin if your gift book depicts repeated information, provided that this repeated information is written in a simple and innovative way. In a nutshell, your gift book should be a real gift, not a hook.

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Sell values before products

According to my experience, the best email marketer is the one who conveys, directly or indirectly, value to his subscribers. For instance, some email marketers convey to their subscribers the value of giving, some convey the value of dedication, and some convey the value of credibility. Some of them provide their subscribers with the techniques and the information they need to fathom the niches they are concerned with, and that is the value of giving. Some of them tell their subscribers the negatives of a specific product even if they promote that product, and that is the value of credibility. Some of them prove to their subscribers that they are authorities in their field by providing accurate and proven information, and that is the value of dedication.

Be useful

Don’t send out marketing emails all the time; instead, cheer your subscribers up with lots of quality gifts. Let them feel that you truly care about them, that you are treating them as friends and not money machines.

Engage them

Tell them about your mistakes, sufferings and failures. Inform them how you overcame all the difficulties around you when you started your business. Don’t be shy about doing this. They will never laugh at you; on the contrary, they will sympathize with you. They will love you.