Security Impact of the Internet


The Internet has become a vital resource for many companies around the world. By joining to the Internet, a company can share information, send and be given files and email, and provide an online shopping experience into the company’s customers. Some might say that in order for businesses to help “keep up in the global marketplace” (Wienclaw, 2008, p. 1) they must be connected to the Internet. In this paper I will show several of the security risks that have been introduced or increased with the Online and I will attempt to provide some suggestions for mitigating these kind of risks.

STO list impact of the Internet

One of the most significant threats that companies face is the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. This risk isn’t new to companies, but with the Internet that risk has been increased. According to Dictionary. com, hackers usually are defined as “a microcomputer user who attempts to gain unsanctioned access to proprietary computer systems” (dictionary. com, 2009). Ahead of the Internet, hackers would have to gain access to a company’s computer system from within the company premises. Companies could mitigate this risk having physical security mechanisms such as access cards and officers. The Internet has opened up this risk to hackers beyond your company as well. Unauthorized access can lead to regulatory problems for corporations as well as intellectual property theft. The embarrassment to the corporation can also jeopardize customer confidence which could result in losing gross sales. According to Linda Musthaler, some “organizations that have experienced records breaches have been forced by law to report the occurrence” (2008, para. 1).

There was a time when software patches ended up just required to repair functionality of the software. Now that internet businesses are connected to the Internet, security vulnerabilities that are inherent in software also must be patched. The Internet is an extraordinary communications auto. Just like companies use the Internet to find and communicate the latest info, hackers use this vehicle as well. According to Ruth Wienclaw, “research has found that the average time between the announcement of a software program vulnerability to the time that attack is made on this vulnerability is 5. 8 days” (Wienclaw, 2008, k. 2). More recently, in October of 2008 “Microsoft has released a fix outside of its normal Patch Tuesday cycle” (Johnston, 2009, para. 2). This emergency patch was already released because “targeted attacks exploited” (2009, para. 1) often the vulnerability according to Stuart Johnston.

Computer viruses were not a novice to the computing world when the Internet was introduced. Laptop or computer viruses are software programs that are designed to harm a computer environment in addition to spread from computer to computer. Before the Internet, computer viruses would spread by sharing disks from one pc to another. What better way to enhance the spreading of computer worms than to connect all the computers to each other.