Third Eye Meditation – Discover What You Don’t Know About It

Each of our spiritual body has several energy centers or details. These are referred to as Chakras. In Sanskrit, a Chakra signifies a rotating wheel or a vortex. Among many Chakras in our body, seven are considered to be the most important. Starting from the beds base of the spine, the seven Chakras lie in a top to bottom column up to the top of the head. The sixth one in the line is called the Brow Chakra or most commonly, the third eyes.

The third eye must not be confused with a physical eye currently an aspect of our consciousness and not related to the physical entire world. It lies in the center of the forehead in between the eyebrows. The Hindus and Buddhists regard the third eye being a symbol of enlightenment or a wisdom eye. Third attention is supposed to be related with extra sensory perception, intuition, attentiveness and inner visualization.

These Chakras remain dormant in your body initially so to feel any effect we must initial open or activate them. So in order to activate each of our third eye we must do meditation Meditating intermittently are going to be of no avail. So this is the first and most significant step to follow for the third eye meditation.

Meditating could be the morning will be advantageous as you can concentrate more in the morning when compared with during any other time of the day. You should then choose a pleasant position for meditating. You can either sit cross legged or upright in a chair. After making yourself relaxing, close your eyes and concentrate in the area in between your own personal eyes.

While meditating make sure you do not fall asleep or charm different ideas on your head. Be alert and try to check out the different body sensations. Try to feel the presence of on your own. Try to see your own thoughts. After a few days of process you will certainly feel the difference. You will begin to realize that every time period you meditate you go in a deeper state of your intelligence.

As your concentration improves with each subsequent third eyesight meditation, you will begin to feel the presence of some sort of spiritual power between the eyebrows. Try shifting your focus slowly in the Naval Chakra up to the third eye. Through deep yoga you will begin to feel the presence of the consciousness flowing in your body along with ultimately observe a light radiating from the third eye. This can be the conscious state and the third eye has been activated. You may remain in this state for as long as you want. Then slowly switch your focus downwards towards the Naval Chakra again and then wake up.

Thus continuing this practice regularly will let you get better at over your third eye and help you unite using your supreme consciousness ultimately. It is advisable to practice this meditation within the guidance of a teacher.