Where The Hell To Start Your Online Business and Make Money

That it was a nice warm sunny Saturday morning when I stepped out in the open, Mrs Savage next door was hanging her washing outside and her dog bouncer, a kind of grey overweight basketball of greyish Fluff, started licking my hand in the fence like he did every morning.

Just as We were pondering when to go and kick my airfloater soccer ball against the garage door, my dad came out with a big grin on his facial area saying, “right son, on you hop I’m going to teach you the right way to ride a bike today! ”

Oh by the way at this point I have to point out that I was five, so I was horrified whenever i saw my new bike with… STABILISERS… my special someone Joe up the road was already riding without them, how terrible would it look if I went past his house by using those on.

Uncontrollable tears had started as my father picked me up, carefully placed me on the mountain bike and started pulling me along the street towards the earth-friendly nearby. I could pedal straight away with a guiding hand out of my dad… but oh no… that wasn’t good enough and I lamented & cried all the way.

The same happened for a week, rational play to my Dad he didn’t give up until because of the following weekend I was actually riding the bike, SO with the very uncool stabilisers but I think that I have got away with it and nobody had seen me nonetheless!

Then the following Saturday… THE BIG DAY… the stabilisers were born off!!!! Dad gently pushed me away and I appeared to be away, I WAS RIDING… I was so excited I didn’t remember to turn the handlebars & CRASHED straight into a combination bin, but it didn’t matter because I could RIDE, in essence I never gave up.

So you might think, what the hell includes this got to do with getting started online and making money!

Everyone have to go through a process and be guided by the right people to indicate us the correct way to approach something no matter how uncomfortable them maybe or how silly you may look (reference the exact stabilisers! )

One of the most important areas I have learned progressively is that you need a SYSTEM, not only that but a SYSTEM THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, BY USING A PROVEN STEP BY STEP PROCESS. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 a scam?, at its core, is an email marketing course.However, to call it just an email course, really does undersell it as it does much more than that.In fact, it covers every other aspect you need to know to be successful online, not just email marketing.So things like traffic generation, all the tools and content you need… Everything, basically.James Scholes said it best on his sales letter

Which brings me on to the issue of this article. (At Last I hear you cry! ) With the help of my Mentor, I have produced a simple 5 part process to getting you started out with a proven formula FUNCTIONS! I know as I’ve been using it.

Let me ask you a dilemma… do you think you could write a quick 7-15 page report using a subject of your choice? Yes… correct answer!! Did you remedy NO?… CONGRATULATIONS you are in the right place to learn anyway!

I did put together an acronym to illustrate this system which is… COMPACT:

  • S – SELECT a suitable market
  • M – ASSESS interest in your chosen market
  • A – AUTHOR or Buy a simple quality report (yes you can get other people to do it available for you! )
  • L – LOOK to rinse & repeat

Acting area – LEVERAGE your assets

In this article I want to concentrate on the earliest and probably the most important part which is selecting a suitable current market, get this wrong and the rest is irrelevant.

Firstly you might want to select a group of people “or market” that are proven or leads.

How about I take some of the stress out of identifying a reliable market for you!

Below you will find a list of proven evergreen areas that this works for:

Weight Loss, Relationships, Parenting, Personal Advancement, Personal Development, Network Marketing, Wealth, Investing, Technology, Hobby Areas, Dating, Pets.