Where to Find a Rehearsal Space

Where would you find that ideal place where you and your band mates can rock it out without having to be concerned about a neighbor whining or suing you for making too much noise? You have three very good options – the yellow pages, the World Wide Web, and the ever-reliable, word of mouth.

After preparing your PA system, guitars and other instruments, it’s time to test on the telephone book to look for a studio which has enough space for you, your band, and all your equipment. Grab your latest issue of the yellow pages and search under”music studios,””rehearsal studios” or”rehearsal spaces” or even just,”studios” and you will be amazed at the broad array of spaces which are there for your taking.

If, following an exhaustive search through the yellow pages, then you still cannot find one, you might want to try browsing the Internet with the different search engines, most notably, Google Maps'”Find Business” function. If you find this complicated, you can simply Google the terms”music rehearsal studio Toronto” and it will list down all the web sites that offer such. The downside is that going directly to Google does not limit the results to your city or state, unlike when you use the former.

Last but not the least, you can try asking around, from your friends who are also in bands, or your friends’ friends. This has the extra benefit of a review from them, because they have probably been to the place before.