Write a Press Release and Generate High Quality Traffic for Your Website

Are You Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity to Reach Your Market?

  • There was a time not too long ago the sole purpose of writing a persberichten nederland was supposed to get media. Which, if you think about it, makes sense, right?
  • However, I’m finding more and more that writing a press release is just one of the only greatest methods to attract qualified sales leads imaginable. And yet, so few companies actually take action.
  • The objective of a press release has shifted because the target audience isn’t always a reporter, or editor… It’s your target client.
  • Not a single press release I’ve written for my business has gotten picked up with main stream information, yet all them have generated sales leads.

For example, in a webinar that we gave this past year, our press release (out of PRWeb.com) attracted 90 traffic to a landing page on a website that has been significantly less than 30 months old. Due to some SEO techniques which were utilizes, I guess that most of the Google visitors to the landing page is a result of the press release as well.

And yet another 58 or so went directly to our website

What is the true potential of this press release?

Over 1,400 individuals read the press release over the span of one month. 1,400 people knew that I was going to really have a webinar. That says two things:

1. Press releases are a great way to get a lot of people to your site; and

2. I probably left some opportunities out there. But it was among my initial releases, and I was learning.

What should you write your press release about?

Your company might not be Apple launching the most recent version of this iPhone, but that does not mean that there some thing to write about.

1. A new product or service: If you are starting a new product, or service, or merchandise attribute; then compose a media release. It’s most definitely news worthy!

2. New Website: If you’ve got a brand new site that will better serve your clients, that is news worthy.

3. If you have written a new white paper/ebook or are likely to have a training, then then this is a fantastic way to get people to register.

4. Tie in to current events: A few weeks before, the Northeast was struck by Hurricane Irene. If you’ve got a testimonial from a client demonstrating how your product or service helped them through this period of crisis, compose a press release about it!

Keyword Research

One of the best parts about writing a Press Release is they are the gift that keeps on giving.

Following is a press release that we just experimented with. The name was”How Mid-Sized B2B Companies can Increase Online Sales Leads in 30 Days”.

The day after we released it, it had been rated second on Google. Ironically, this position will decrease over time, but should you write press releases frequently, you’ll consistently be at the top of search engines.